Monday, March 22, 2010

-Easy 250m Row
-Tabata Row
-Burgener Warm-Up

5 Rounds for Time:
21 Deadlifts
15 Front Squats
9 Push Jerks

Aim to use the trigger point tools before or after your wod.

The 5:30 and 6:30 classes did great this morning. I love when everyone is so focused on dialing in their technique. It always pays off in the end!

Brendan and I will be in the gym again all day finishing the paint on the shelves for the medballs and the cubbies for keys and things. It's all starting to come together. Lots of cleaning on the agenda as well!!

We're adding open gym hours from noon - 5:30pm when class starts. Either Brendan or I will be there training privates or just hanging out watching and helping you guys train!

See you in the GYM!

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