Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another step in the right direction

I painted one of the corners of our gym yesterday with my friends Lou and Alicia. The finished product is always so satisfying. Today I'm painting some shelving.. It's going to look even better once the black rubber flooring is in.

The sound wall and pull-up bars should be all finished by the middle of the week and we're ordering the rubber flooring to cover the entire gym probably tomorrow. Lou, Alicia and I are going to paint that big wall next weekend. But most of the walls are going to be pressure washed and stay bare exposed brick.

I'm going to take some more pictures of the gym but it's hard to get an idea for the whole space because it's tough to get it all in the picture!

I can't wait for all the painting to be done, the wall to be up, the rubber flooring to be installed and the bars and rings to be in! It's all happening so fast. It's great to have the help of some of our friends getting this place running. Jonathan spent hours and hours with Brendan yesterday teaching him about Excel, Alicia and Lou spent their day with be walking around looking like smurfs and Tonys company is working on the Wall!

I'm so excited about all of this.. Brendan and I are just so thrilled and relieved that all of the people we're spending our time with are the best of the best.

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