Saturday, March 27, 2010


Our website is back up and running! CrossFit will be where Brendan and I will post the WOD everyday. All of our gym information including scheduling, pricing, address, contact information will all be there.

Check it our daily for the new WOD and to post your scores and comments!

Our higher pull-up bar is up and being used! Hooray! The womens bar, the 12ft bar for rings and the sound wall are all being finished today! That means we'll have our full schedule starting on Monday morning and we'll all be getting our pull-ups and ring strength back! Can't wait!

Brendan and I are just so excited. We're high on life and loving every minute of being back in the gym with our friends!

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Anonymous said...

The place looks great, keep up the good Allison!

~Never Quit!