Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is it too much?

So, the other day I was doing back squats with Brendan and a few of his training buddies. I've been doing them for over two years now so the weight on the bar has become just another number. But that day I had to step back a realize what I was doing.

My back squat for 1Rep is 260. That day I was doing multiple reps at 240, easily. The only reason I stopped going up that day is because Brendan brought it to my attention that I was out lifting more than his friend.

I don't know who was more freaked out - his friend because he was lifting less than a girl or me that I was lifting more than a guy. I think it was me.

Way back when I started CrossFit I looked up to the women who were lifting hundreds of pounds and had big muscles. But the deeper in it I get the more I realize what my priorities are.

I want to be strong, but when is enough enough? How strong do I really need to be?

If this is really about preparing yourself for real life, then wouldn't the realistic thing be to work on being really cute so my boyfriend will want to lift all the heavy things for me???
I have a boyfriend who can lift over 500# off the ground. Why does it matter if I can lift 250?

I know there are plenty of women that can lift tons more than me and 260 may seem like a toothpick to some of you. Some of them may be hot as hell, too. But, I won't ever compete in the CrossFit Games or do any other kinds of fitness or strength competitions. So what's my motivation?

Does anyone know about elevated testosterone levels in women with heavy lifting? What really happens inside a woman's body when they get so strong? I'm really curious about this subject. Any information would be appreciated. I'll surely be doing my own research.

I'm considering easing off on the lifting. I've always put an emphasis on strength training, because I think it's important to be strong and healthy.
But have we decided if there's such a thing as "too strong"?

I'm half kidding, but really.....
What's worse: having a weak squat or having your picture posted on Androgen Friday!?

Monday, November 23, 2009