Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vote for my Picture!! :D

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I'm spending some time at my Mom's in NYC and we all sat down and colored for an hour. When we finally looked up, my little brother was no where to be found. I said "Ethan Boo, where are you?!". He said, "I'm in the living room doing something that's not boring!". HA!

So I said, "I'm drawing this ice pop and then I'm DONE!". And here's the finished product. I think mine should win because it's way more colorful and my muscles are awesome!... BUT my Mom did make my hair look fabulous.

VB ->Iowa -> Vegas -> NYC ->

VB ->Iowa -> Vegas -> NYC ->

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nationals, Here I Come!

I did my first Olympic Lifting competition yesterday and qualified to go to Nationals in July! AHHH!!

I can't believe it. I really wanted to do well but wasn't really expecting to.. I was so scared that I thought for sure the nerves would make me screw up. I mean I was really terrified.

Aimee has totally inspired me to really focus on my lifting.. She's just awesome and has been so helpful and encouraging. She's such an insane lifter.. SO freakin' fast! She's such an incredible athlete and I feel so lucky that she's shared her time with me! Every woman needs to watch her lift and get inspired!

I've been really enjoying learning new things, making adjustments and Practicing! I just love this.. so this whole thing is just icing on the cake. I'm going to work my hardest over the next 5 weeks. But no matter how I do, I think it will just be cool to be see the really good lifters in person. I've been watching as many videos as I can, but the energy in there is going to be so motivating and exciting, no doubt about it!

I weighed in at 52.something so I was in the 53kg weight class. I only had to get 117kgs to qualify for that class so then I went up and lifted enough to qualify in the 58 class.. 128kgs between the Snatch and C&J. 57 & 71. They weren't my best lifts, but they were close.. and they felt easier than they did when I was in my gym.. So that was a very good thing!

We'll see what happens over the next month! YAY!!!

Overall, the whole thing was awesome... except the outfit. It was actually WAY brighter than it looks. I'm all over ordering a black one.. geeze!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Practice, Practice, Practice

OHS Practice with a wider grip..
Apparently, my jerk from behind my neck needs a lot of work. It felt way harder than the front..

Lots of practice in my future! Looking forward to it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snatch Balance Day :) Back At It!

Today was AWESOME! I was feeling wrecked this morning from yesterdays squat cleans and hill sprints and wasn't planning on working out.. until I got to the gym and started playing with Snatch Balances.

It's been a solid year since I've done them, or much of anything for that matter, so I was dreading a reality check.. I was expecting to be WELL under my 165# PR.
They started out really wobbly and awkward because I'm so out of practice.. which made me even more nervous. I watched the videos of my first lifts and saw that I just wasn't getting under quick enough!

It wasn't a flawless workout, but it was a good way to break the ice again. I ended up getting 173# fairly easily and failing (on my ass) at 178#.

Then I did two back to back 10min AMRAPs with Matt, just because I hate them..
4 Narrow HSPU, 8 C2B Pull-Ups, 16 GHD Sit-Ups
4 Narrow HSPU, 8 C2B Pull-Ups, 16 24kb KB Swings

I'll post the video of my Snatch Balance workout.. the good the bad and the fails, as soon as I figure out how to use Imovie.

It feels GREAT to be training again. I feel as stoked as when I first started all over again :D

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I need to get my muscle-ups back! I was expecting 7 or 8, but no such luck.. not with that apparent lack of dip strength. I'm going to start doing just a few a day. I've still never hit my goal of 10 in a row.. The most I've ever done is 7. But I think I could get it with a little practice.

BTW.. what on earth are those muscles sticking out at the bottom of my pull-ups??... Oh My Gosh.. I don't know how I feel about that! :/

Sunday, April 10, 2011


158# split jerk.. with an OHS thrown in just for fun. I was having an off day today. My PR is 180# but I just wasn't feelin' it today.. Some days ya got it, and some, ya don't.