Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I'm in LONDON! For three weeks!

So far I've been too nervous to turn my camera over to a stranger... so no pictures of me on the streets so far. Maybe I'll be bold tomorrow and ask someone.

I can't believe how much different it is here. I thought London would be exactly like NYC with different accents. But NO! NYC is much easier to navigate since it's laid out like a grid. It seems like London is made up of a bunch of circles and creepy alley ways! I'm sure I'll get oriented after a few more days. Al it will take is getting lost for a few more hours and finding my way.

I'm open to any suggestions of things to see out here!

I'm going to visit the CrossFit gyms for sure. It will be nice to see some friendly faces.
I'm going to do the typical tourist things as well.. I figure a bus tour will give me some ideas of places to go.

As exciting as it is to be in a new place, I miss my love terribly! And our little puppy, too!
I can't wait for us to be together again!

Before I got on the plane to London at JFK, I stopped for 2 days in NYC to visit with my family. My Mama and I went to Lost Battalion Hall for some Olympic Lifting. It was so nice to be told what to do and to have my technique corrected. I'm always the trainer now and never the trainee. God, do I miss having a coach!

The coaches there insisted I compete in some upcoming competition. Who Knows! That sounds like HEAVEN! It would be excellent to have something to train for.. something that I really love. Lord knows I love lifting - I love every aspect of it..

When I think OLY lifting I think Aimee and I can't lift an ounce compared to her. It really is a magnificent thing watching her lift. She's so fucking fast and Fearless getting under that bar.

My heaviest jerk is only 185 but I've yet to power clean it. 175 is my best there. And I'm not even sure I'm lifting right around there this minute.. I have been neglecting my training more than I'd like these days.. But maybe with the right coaching and training I can get that and even surpass it. The thought of it is exciting! If only to work on something I really enjoy.

They said there aren't too many Americans that are into Olympic Lifting and even less women. That seemed strange to me since almost every girl I know clean and jerks. But I guess in the regular world it's fairly uncommon. I see that shifting in the not too distant future.

Those guys at LBH looove talking smack about CrossFitting though! The first thing they said to me was "You could have been such a good lifter, but you decided to teach people how to jog instead!"... They were half joking but I think if I broke out some kipping pull-ups we'd end up in a heated debate ;) I only do strict pull-ups there!

I would have to visit NYC more often to train with them, but that wouldn't be hard since their gym is about 3 minutes from my Mom's house! Then I could see her, watch her clean and jerk and snatch and such (hehehe) and get in some quality coaching.
I'm sure Brendan can help me as well. But you know how it is trying to train someone you love. It never really turns out right... I can't stand training my Mom! A much as I love her she drives me nutso!

I've been running more than I ever and I love it! Pfffft! no really, I still can't seem to enjoy it. But I can do it for longer and feel like I'm getting a little faster.. and for sure a little lighter. Runs around London are cool. The people watching makes it slightly less torturous!