Friday, January 2, 2009


One of my two goals this year is to get my diet dialed in (the other is to follow the CrossFit main site WOD and stay 3 on 1 off without exceptions). I asked Robb Wolf for some advice. Here's what he told me -

Stay at 10 blocks of Protein
Keep the 10 fat blocks and then add 3 extra blocks for each of the 5 carb blocks I took away (15) for a total of 25.
Cut my Carb Blocks in half (5) and have 3-4 of them post WOD.
Here's what my diet will look like:

2 blocks Protein
5 blocks Fat
0 blocks Carb

1 block Protein
5 blocks Fat
0 blocks Carb

2 blocks Protein
5 blocks Fat
0 blocks Carb

1 block Protein
10 blocks Fat
1 block Carb

Post Workout:
4 blocks Protein
0 blocks Fat
4 blocks Carbs


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I am trying to be really strict Zone for 8 weeks - with 3 on 1 off at Crossfit. :) Happy 2009!

AllisonNYC said...

Good Luck, Kim.

I'm rooting for you! I bt after 8 weeks you'll be hooked. :)

Happy New Year to you too!

MJ said...

You're having a block party (corny, I know)! But isn't the whole thing about Zone to keep the blocks of C, P, F equal throughout the meals?

Justin said...

Yes it is MJ, other than maybe fat going uo as high as 5x.
Adjust that, girl. Sluggishness with come from your lack of carbs.
General "rule" being, for every 1 block of carb decreased, add 3 fat.
When you want help resetting it, lert me know, you know where I am, and I will be happy to help. Remember to listen to your body, THAT is the true determining factor of what we should be on for blocks. Yes yes, 180 lb, 6'1 male, with a fitness level of x should be on........bullshit! great to start out with, but as Wolfe says
"The three most important peices to zoning are this: How you FEEL, how you LOOK, and whta you performance is..." Performance doesn't mean soley in a fran, or grace or one of the other 20 minutes a day we spend working out, it is performnace in life, the other 23 hours and 40 minutes of our existence each day.
Been zoning hardcore for 33 days, have gained 3 lbs, and lost 4% bf, butting me at 183lbs, 6'1, and 6.2%. Manipulation is key...