Saturday, January 3, 2009

If At First You Don't Succeed....

... Move, Move, Again.

Today is the day. I'm leaving NYC and heading down to Virginia Beach.

When I left for California in May, I thought it was for good. I was completely sure that I was done with NY. I had been saying that I was over this city over and over for months before then. But it turned out San Diego wasn't what i was looking for either.

I accidentally ended up in Arizona after that.. thanks to my risk taking, go with the flow, see where the world takes me, way of living. But it wasn't a permanent move... it wasn't intended to be (but it was by far one of the most fun months of my life). I had no idea I would even be there for as long as I was. When I drove to AZ from SD I left all my things behind.. I thought I was going for the weekend and packed accordingly..

After the Games I came back to NYC instead of going back to SD. I landed at JFK and headed to Brooklyn. Now, Brooklyn is my favorite borough, but still, when I got there I was looking around and thinking "WTF? Why am I back where I started?".

The contrast between my dirty city and beautiful Arizona and Cali was so clear. I was haning out under trees and in the sun before I got on the plane.... and when I got off, I found myself under the BQE, trying to cross a 6 lane intersection, horns honking, cars driving over broken glass and I was STUNNED.

I didn't think I would kick back here for long. The plan was to chill out, enjoy a month or so running around Brooklyn in a bikini and spending some time with my family who I missed so much. I would re-evaluate my life and where I wanted to be and come up with a better plan. I didn't expect that it would take me 6 months to do it. But, things don't always go as we plan now do they???

I expected I would end up back in California. In fact, I was sure of it. But the last 6 months have been, well.. unexpected .... life is unpredictable. We never know what's waiting around the corner. And for someone like me, who's open to all new opportunities and is willing to take chances, one new thing can send life off in a whole new direction.

And that's what happened. I ended up traveling to Virginia Beach and figured out that it's a pretty cool place to be. And the kicker is, it's not NYC. There are great gyms, cool people and the difference between this move and the one to SD is I actually know what I'm getting myself into. I've been there a bunch of times already.

So, the day is here. I'm leaving my city behind again and I'm ready for new things. I'm looking forward to having great gyms and people to train with so I can follow my 3 on 1 off plan. I can't wait for the change of scenery and pace.

I like change. I've never liked being held down anywhere for long. Maybe it's because my Mom and I moved so much when I was growing up... we didn't stay too many plaes or more than two years because we just got bored! I don't like to feel trapped by anyone or anything. I like having freedom to live my life. I took it to extremes years ago but I'm finding some sort of middle ground. I'm growing up, I guess.

But it can't all be perfect. I have to say goodbye to my family again. I am going to miss my Mother so much, but I know that we'll call each other and probably talk more than we do when we're in the same place. That's sort of weird but it's just how it is. It's like when we're close to each other we take it for granted. But when we're far away we have to make an effort to connect and it makes for a more meaningful relationship. Not just one of those "hi, bye" kind of deals.

But my brother.... I don't know how I'm going to deal with it again. I love my little brother EthanBoo more than anything in this whole world. I love getting to see him every day and watching him grow up and do new things. He amazes me.

I cried for him almost everyday when I was in San Diego. It's hard leaving him because I don't know if he understands that I'm Moved and not just Gone. It's tough. I'm scared that when I see him again that he'll be mad at me for leaving.

I'm going to miss him.

I'll have to stay realy busy. I'm doing this largly because I want to be a happy, successful person that he can be proud of.

aNYway, I'm off in a few hours and still have some things to do and I want to spend some last minute quality time with my family.

Wish me luck and then next time I write, it will be from Virginia Beach!

Moves..... Make Them.


Tracey said...

Good luck!

MJ said...

Good luck Allison! I hear VB is nice. I've been thinking of leaving Long Island and moving down to North Carolina. LI is not BK but I seem to be tired of this place.

I hope you succeed down there!