Sunday, January 25, 2009

Substance Abuse Problem

Evidence of my substance abuse problem - Chalk.
I guess as far as white powders go, this one is relatively harmless. The lesser or two evils, no doubt.

I'm also addicted to Jeannie. Love her. She's badass - totally cool person and fast and strong as hell... obviously... she's holding me. ;)

These pictures are all from the "Death By Pull-Ups" Workout - 10 rounds for time of: 3 weighted, 5 deadhangs, 7 kipping pull-ups - The shit nightmares are made of.


Training is going really well. I spent some time playing with Jeannie at her gym. I loved every second of it and look forward to training with her often. She makes me want to be a better athlete and makes me confident that I can be. It's such a blast to train with her at my side.

Working out with the right people in the right environment has such an impact on my training. The right atmosphere motivates me. There's no comparison between training alone in a globo gym and rockin' it with strong dudes in a CF Box. You know which one I prefer ;)

I've been hitting workouts at Blauers, too. Such a great crew there.

I'm just so happy to have places to train consistently. Being consistent and resting are crucial.

As soon as I finish a WOD... and after my "CrossFit Hangover" wears off... my mind goes immediately to what's in store for the next day. I'm always so excited to find out what the WOD will be. But when the time rolls around to DO the workout I start dreading it. But of course once I'm in it's all good again.

I love CrossFit. Can't get enough. Want to be better at it.

Bumps and bruises and scrapes and rips - All Worth It. I lovingly refer to them as my CrossFit Accessories. They go with everything, although they almost always require some explanation to non-CrossFitters. Always a great conversation starter.

I'm Training Hard and Having Fun and loving every minute of it. Hope You Are, Too!

If you fell off the wagon then Go Hit a WOD! That's an order!


Kevin Daigle said...

Funny Allison, When I did that WOD a few weeks back, my hands tore in all the exact same places plus a few more. That workout looked easy on paper, but proved to be a real monster.

I did a little mini AllisonNYC this weekend myself and hit 2 affiliates. CF New England, and CF New Hampshire. It was truly great to get to train with like minded people. Keep up the good work (and save some chalk for the rest of us). Train Hard Allison


Jay Ashman said...

that pic looks like you just popped off the Pablo Escobar train. :)

Shari Baby said...

Im glad you found what inspires you and motivates you. Sounds like your happy and that's all we really have in life. Congratulations on everything and I'm sure you'll do great in VB, you are surrounded by the best people to learn from there. Just wanted to say "the best girl won" and I wish you guys luck.

Anonymous said...

Hey Allison - this is a general question, I hope it's okay to ask it here....

How do you manage to dress when your top is so much bigger than your bottom? I've gone from a 12 to an 8 on the bottom but have not changed on top.