Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Frustration.. Are You ready? If so, Let's Go!

I'm going to keep a growing list of words and phrases that I can't stand when people use. Some are OK sometimes but people abuse them and use them incorrectly.

Feel free to post yours to comments and I'll add them to the list.

Here we go:

  1. Conversate
  2. Basically
  3. Amazing and awesome (I annoy myself with how much I overuse these. I'm going to quit them.)
  4. Physicality (I really hate this one)
  5. Synergy, dude and sweet (Darcy's additions)
  6. Sick & Fabulous (Payton is bugged by these. I'm guilty of saying the latter. I'll quit)
  7. Musicality
  8. Honestly - People are usually LYING when this is the first thing that comes out.
  9. Literally - Get a freaking dictionary, people. Don't use this word unless you "literally" know what it means.
  10. Irregardless - MJ added this one. I haven't heard anyone use it yet. Thank God.
  11. I should go back and make these all #1: the proper use of the words their, they're, there; where, were, we're; to, too, two.


Anonymous said...

Delish. People who say delish should be drowned in toilets.

theresa said...

See my recent rant on "amazing":

Also, conversate makes me crazy as well--no such word.

Darcy 'D2' said...

I think the word I've come to hate most is "Synergy". I so dislike business marketing buzz words.

As for me I really need to quit saying "dude" and "sweet". I'm a 37 year old landlocked corporate guy not a surfer. Although, I'd rather be a surfer.

Peyton Knippel said...

I'm gunna have to go with the word

I think people using that word are just trying to hard. There are much better adjectives that can describe and still be powerful without being cliche or hoakey

Also the word "fabulous" makes me cringe a bit. I dunno why.

Great job on the lunges btw!

Anonymous said...

People who say "I could care less" instead of "I couldn't care less" - the first means you DO care even if it's just a small amount.

Also - "brekky" instead of breakfast. Yuck.

Brian said...

Not sure why but people really like to use the word "appreciative" a lot these days. For some reason it really gets on my nerves. "I appreciate" sounds so much better than "I was appreciative"!

Anonymous said...

it is what it is

Anonymous said...

"honestly" moron i want you to lie to me!

Jason J. Neal said...

What I about "literally?" as in "he literally fell off the face of the earth." Instead, it should be "figuratively."

AllisonNYC said...

Oh My Gosh. Very Good Example, Jason.

Things like that really get under my skin.

I also can't stand when people mix up words like-

They're, their and there
where, we're
... said...

The words "hubby" and "wifey" really annoy the hell out of me. Maybe it's something you can't understand until you're married...

Rusty said...

"Neuroendocrine response"

I know this old, fat alcoholic that uses these all the time. Can't stand it! : D

MJ said...

Irregardless. Why can't people say regardless? It's the same thing. Why sound like an illiterate tool using a word like that?

Oh, and people who can't tell the differences between: too, two, to. Or: there, they're, or their.

AllisonNYC said...

MJ, YOUR a smart man.

I'm rolling my eyes. God, I hate hate that shit TO.

What I don't understand is how people graduate high school when they obviously didn't make it out of fourth grade.

MJ said...

Oooo... your and you're are good ones. There's also know and no. Hole and whole. I could go on and on and that's kind of sad.

i blamez it on da internetz!!11!!

Anonymous said...

Your and You're BY FAR!!1

"Your an idiot"... "No MF'er YOU'RE an idiot!"

Back to forgiveness though, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

whoops, just saw MJ's last comment. disregard ;)