Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gym and Swim

Taking turns hitting the tire at BTS and doing pull-ups in the Blauer's sweet garage gym in between dives into the pool.

This week I did a bunch of workouts. Here are two of them -

30 Muscle Ups for time -


Did the first 4 unbroken, then sets of 3 and 2 almost until the very end when I had to start doing singles. The first 15 took a few minutes. Oy!

Tried a CrossFit FootBall Workout:

30 body weight barbell squats (I used over body weight with 135#) They were unbroken easily.
200m sprint (track was about 300m)
30 burpees (horrible!)

About 5 minutes.

Started that all out by doing 11 OHS with 135. I only gave up because my wrist was kinked. I want to try that one again, get to 15 and then see just how heavy I can get up to for 15. I can do 18 with 125.

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Anonymous said...

In the future please ask the photographer to focus on you. That blurry picture is a cruel tease.