Monday, November 24, 2008

Summertime and the Livin's Easy... In Brooklyn

I guess there are some things about the city that will never get old... passing bizarre looking people on the sidewalks, cool cafes scattered all over (I think I could go to a different one everyday if I really wanted to), visiting museums and galleries is one of my favorite things to do even though I don't take advantage of them nearly enough these days. I really do love wandering around the boroughs and getting lost. It's easy to just stay on route from the same point A to point B everyday.. but I like to explore. There will always be streets I haven't walked down before, scenery I haven't seen and gum blops I haven't stepped on.

My friends are always up to weird shit. I used to be up to it with them but I've been pretty single minded lately... CrossssFittt. About two years ago there wasn't a week that went by that I didn't find myself in a new apartment, hanging with new people and having a great time. I used to take full advantage of the city and all the excitement it had to offer. I was bold and carefree... or careless... I remember so many times that I looked around and said to myself "how the heck did I end up here right now? hahaha". It was awesome at the time. I was constantly surprising myself by going with the flow. Life will take you to all sorts of places if you let it.

ANd I love Graffiti. I think the whole city should be covered with it... and murals. All kinds of artwork everywhere. I don't understand why it's illegal to turn something boring into something beautiful. The city is so grey.. all brick.. all blah. Who wouldn't love splashes of color and design? Buildings and trains should be treated like canvases. The city should be drowned in spray paint... but not by crappy artists who think they can do graffiti and it just looks like a 5 year olds handwriting.. the kind people actually go out of their way to check out online or stop to admire when spotted on the street.

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