Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vote for my Picture!! :D

My Picture

My Mom's Picture

I'm spending some time at my Mom's in NYC and we all sat down and colored for an hour. When we finally looked up, my little brother was no where to be found. I said "Ethan Boo, where are you?!". He said, "I'm in the living room doing something that's not boring!". HA!

So I said, "I'm drawing this ice pop and then I'm DONE!". And here's the finished product. I think mine should win because it's way more colorful and my muscles are awesome!... BUT my Mom did make my hair look fabulous.


Jade said...

Wow I think you're pretty much obsessed with your little brother lol. Which is good tho. There should be more older sisters like you in the world.:)
Ps: I vote for your pic!!! lol

Darryl Dixon said...

Hate to say it but I'm gonna go with your mother's picture - she's captured the catch position for the snatch perfectly.

WildGorillaMan said...

Allison, shoot me an email, thewildgorillamanATgmailDOTcom.