Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nationals, Here I Come!

I did my first Olympic Lifting competition yesterday and qualified to go to Nationals in July! AHHH!!

I can't believe it. I really wanted to do well but wasn't really expecting to.. I was so scared that I thought for sure the nerves would make me screw up. I mean I was really terrified.

Aimee has totally inspired me to really focus on my lifting.. She's just awesome and has been so helpful and encouraging. She's such an insane lifter.. SO freakin' fast! She's such an incredible athlete and I feel so lucky that she's shared her time with me! Every woman needs to watch her lift and get inspired!

I've been really enjoying learning new things, making adjustments and Practicing! I just love this.. so this whole thing is just icing on the cake. I'm going to work my hardest over the next 5 weeks. But no matter how I do, I think it will just be cool to be see the really good lifters in person. I've been watching as many videos as I can, but the energy in there is going to be so motivating and exciting, no doubt about it!

I weighed in at 52.something so I was in the 53kg weight class. I only had to get 117kgs to qualify for that class so then I went up and lifted enough to qualify in the 58 class.. 128kgs between the Snatch and C&J. 57 & 71. They weren't my best lifts, but they were close.. and they felt easier than they did when I was in my gym.. So that was a very good thing!

We'll see what happens over the next month! YAY!!!

Overall, the whole thing was awesome... except the outfit. It was actually WAY brighter than it looks. I'm all over ordering a black one.. geeze!


Ed said...

Congratulations, and good luck on the competition

AllisonNYC said...

Thank You! Time to squat! :)

Art said...

Way to go Allison! Tear it up at Nationals! I'll be rooting for you!

Kim said...

wow. u r sooo impressive. god damn. are u single? lol