Monday, September 7, 2009

CrossFit Obsession

Finally got my strict press up to 103#!!

I had been stuck at 98# for a long time. Today I went for 100 and got it easily. Then got 103 but it was tough. Then pressed 95 for a bunch of singles.

Thank goodness! It was frustrating me.

Banged out 5 Muscle Ups in a row, too. First 2 were strict then kipped the next 3. I want to get up to 10 and keep them as strict and pretty as possible.

I'm up to about 20 HSPU's in a row against the wall, head touching the ground. Still stuck at 1 free standing but I don't work on it enough.

Went to the Running and Endurance Cert again last weekend. My running technique improved by 40%. I wonder how much it improved since the first time I went last year. It's helped my CrossFit training. It's made running way more tolerable and faster, although I'm still pretty sure I'll ever enjoy it.

I'm going to try to get over 40 pull-ups tomorrow. Wish me luck.

I want to start working more on my strict and weight pull-ups. I can so a set of 15 with a 35#DB but I haven't done a 1RM weighted pull-up in a long time.

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